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Project Aims

Understanding international migration and especially forced migration is of increasing importance in science and for societies at both national and global scales. While the nexus between migration and development has been studied extensively since the 1990s, organized violence emerged in the last two decades as another key factor interacting with forced migration. Organized violence is assumed to be a fuelling factor for mixed migration processes (e.g. organized criminal violence in Central America or civil wars in Middle East), but the current research reveals a gap of data concerning this nexus.

This research project will compare and contrast forms of forced migration in its interrelation with organized violence by analysing biographies and trajectories. To do so, it will take into account local, national and global dimensions and analyse different levels of power relations that are both a cause for and a result of the forced migration-organized-violence-nexus.

The project follows a transnational focus and comparison between the two transit countries Turkey and Mexico in order to:

  • Analyse experiences and perceptions of forced migration and organized violence represented and reconstructed in actors’ migration trajectories and biographies.
  • Produce original and primary data on the interrelation of organized violence and forced migration by implementing quantitative surveys, ethnographic fieldwork, narrative and semi-structured qualitative interviews, and document analysis.