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Cooperating Researchers

Both at the universities of the joint project and at our cooperating institutions, we are collaborating with other researchers who are currently working on research topics on forced migration and organized violence in transit countries such as Turkey and Mexico.

Prof. Dr. Oscar Calderón Morillon

Professor at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP)

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Murat Erdoğan

Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Mülkiye Migration Research Center (MÜGAM) Director

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, TAGU

Prof. Dr. Christine Huth-Hildebrandt

Full Professor at German Jordanian University

School of SAHL Department Social Work

Gabriel Alberto Ruiz Romero, PhD

Professor at Universidad de Medellín

Group of Conflict Investigation